Best Big Data Training Online

Best Big Data Training Online


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 Course Delivery  Online
 Number of Units  66
 Certificate/Diploma  Yes with Final Score
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Big Data training requires a holistic approach and a change to regular working practices. A number of tools are available for working with Big Data. Many of the tools are open source and Linux distribution based. This course covers the fundamentals of Big Data, including positioning it in a historical IT context, the tools available for working with Big Data, the Big Data stack, and finally, an in-depth look at Apache Hadoop.

Our Big Data Training Online program is designed for IT engineers, programmers, and DBAs working with or interested in, as well as business decision makers interested in implementing or managing Big Data systems

Course Listing – Big Data Training Online

Accessing Data with Spark
Accessing Data with Spark: An Introduction to Spark
Accessing Data with Spark: Data Analysis Using the Spark DataFrame API
Accessing Data with Spark: Data Analysis using Spark SQL

Apache Hadoop and MapReduce Essentials
Apache Hadoop
MapReduce Essentials

Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Operations
Apache Kafka Development
Kafka Integration with Spark
Kafka Integration with Storm
Clustering with Kafka
Kafka Real-time Applications

Apache Solr Essentials
Apache Solr – Deployment and Configuration
Apache Solr – Query and Data Management

Apache Storm Introduction
Apache Storm Introduction – Architecture and Installation
Apache Storm Introduction – API and Topology

Big Data – The Marketing Perspective
Big Data Marketing Perspective

Big Data – The Corporate Leadership Perspective
Big Data Corporate Leadership Perspective

Big Data – The Engineering Perspective
Big Data Engineering Perspectives

Big Data – The Legal Perspective
Big Data – The Legal Perspective

Big Data – The Sales Perspective
Big Data Sales Perspective

Big Data – The Strategic Planning Perspective
Big Data Strategic Planning

Big Data Development with Apache Spark
Introduction to Apache Spark
Apache Spark SQL
Structured Streaming
Spark Monitoring and Tuning
Spark Security

Big Data Fundamentals
The Big Data Technology Wave
Big Data Opportunities and Challenges

Big Data Operations
Managing Big Data Operations
Quality and Security of Big Data Operations

Data Modeling for Hadoop
Introduction to Hadoop
Introduction to Data Modeling in Hadoop

Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics
Ingesting Data and Computing for Batch Processing
Designing Batch Processing and Data Security
Ingesting Data and Computing for Real-time Processing
Designing the Lambda Architecture and Real-time Processing
Provisioning an Azure Data Factory
Managing Activities and Data for Azure Big Data Analytics
Automation and Machine Learning

Hadoop Ecosystem
Ecosystem for Hadoop
Installation of Hadoop
Data Repository with HDFS and HBase
Data Repository with Flume
Data Repository with Sqoop
Data Refinery with YARN and MapReduce
Data Factory with Hive
Data Factory with Pig
Data Factory with Oozie and Hue
Data Flow for the Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Operations
Designing Hadoop Clusters
Hadoop in the Cloud
Deploying Hadoop Clusters
Hadoop Cluster Availability
Securing Hadoop Clusters
Operating Hadoop Clusters
Stabilizing Hadoop Clusters
Capacity Management for Hadoop Clusters
Performance Tuning of Hadoop Clusters
Cloudera Manager and Hadoop Clusters

Hadoop Installation and Maintenance
Hadoop Distributed File System
Hadoop Clusters
Apache Hadoop on Amazon EMR
Hadoop Ranger
Hadoop Maintenance and Distributions

IBM BigInsights Fundamentals
IBM BigInsights Fundamentals: Hadoop Solution
IBM BigInsights Fundamentals: Analyzing, Querying, and Extracting Big Data