Partnership with CUNY

CUNY Queens College students partner with ETI's Career Courses

Partnership with CUNY

Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI) and the City University of New York (CUNY) on behalf of Queens College have partnered to deliver ETI’s online career training programs to continuing education students enrolled at Queens College Professional & Continuing Studies (PCS).

Register with Queens College PCS
  • Complete and submit the PCS Registration Form online
  • Select the program of your choice
  • Click on “Enroll Today” to process your payment

You will receive a Queens College PCS transcript as well as a PCS certificate upon successful completion of a program. View schedule here.


Register with ETI
  • Select the program of choice below
  • Click on “Enroll Today” to process your payment
  • Complete and submit the appropriate ETI enrollment agreement online

You will receive a transcript and certificate from ETI upon successful completion of a program.

Financial Assistance is available:

Are you looking to advance your career? Learn the skills employers want with ETI’s instructor-led online career training!

Employers around the world are facing an ongoing skills shortage—yet without qualified talent, they can’t achieve their operational goals and outdo the competition. That’s why in the past year, almost two-thirds of working Americans completed additional career training. As a result, nearly half advanced within their organization and almost a third found a new job.

If you’re an aspirational professional pursuing career advancement, you can benefit significantly from ETI’s online career training. Our mission is to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the ever-evolving work environment. We offer a comprehensive selection of online career courses focused on a variety of areas including communication skills at work, customer service, Human Resources, management, leadership, IT, and web design. In addition, we provide practical instruction in various Microsoft applications.

The Online Career Training (OCT) platform constitutes the core of ETI’s e-learning environment. It’s specifically designed to promote work-life balance for all our students, regardless of whether they’re busy professionals looking to upskill, parents who are already juggling work and raising a family, or retirees who want to acquire new skills in order to reenter the workforce. Because the OCT provides anywhere, anytime, any device access, students can study, practice, and hone their skills at their own pace.

Let’s face it: Employers need talent—but they only want to hire the best. With ETI’s online career training programs, you can learn the skills you need to succeed with the companies you want to work for!


Our online career training programs are approved by the New York State Education Department.  Each program is scheduled to start the first monday of every month. In the case of a holiday or other emergency, a program will begin the next day the school reopens. Sections are opened as enrollment dictates. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 10 hours of training every week. However, they have access to the program for one full year.


7-Jan; 4-Feb; 4-Mar; 1-Apr; 6-May; 3-Jun; 1-Jul; 5-Aug; 3-Sep; 7-Oct; 4-Nov; 2-Dec


6-Jan; 3-Feb; 2-Mar; 6-Apr; 4-May; 1-Jun; 6-Jul; 3-Aug; 8-Sep; 5-Oct; 2-Nov; 7-Dec

A licensed instructor is in available for each program to provide you with additional guidance, resources and assignments for a more successful learning experience. The coursework is measured in terms of clock hours. A clock hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of directed or supervised instruction in a 60-minute period. In order to graduate, a student must complete all courses that are part of an online career training program by earning a passing grade for each course.

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