Global Banking and Financial Services Training Online


Global Banking and Financial Services Training Online 


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 Number of Courses  11 Courses, 50 Units
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This course is designed for financial services professionals, consultants, and sales professionals interested in providing or selling products and services to retail banks, and everyone interested in understanding the operations at a bank branch. 

Course Listing – Global Banking and Financial Services Training Online

Bank Branch Operations Management               
Bank Branch Management: Mortgage and Auto Loans
Bank Branch Management: Payment and Settlement Systems
Bank Branch Management: Teller Roles and Credit Card Operations
Bank Branch Management: Dealing with Operational and Credit Risks
Bank Branch Management: Internal Controls and Banking Technology
Bank Branch Management: Branch Security & Fraud

Commodity and Energy Markets, Futures, and Forwards               
Commodity and Energy Markets and Derivatives
Futures Fundamentals: Commodity, Equity, and Currency Futures
Interest Rate Futures and Forward Rate Agreements

Insurance Concepts, Types, and Annuities               
Insurance Basics, Underwriting, and Actuarial Practices
Life, Health, and General Insurance
Special Insurance Arrangements: Group Insurance, Reinsurance, and Annuities

Mutual Fund Concepts, Portfolio Management, and Regulations               
Mutual Funds: Basic Concepts, Structure, and Types
Mutual Funds: Portfolio Management and Accounting
Mutual Funds: Performance Evaluation and Regulations

Global Banking Supervision and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations               
Banking Supervision and Corporate Governance
Internal Control and Audits in Banks
Special Banking Risks and their Management
Anti-money Laundering and Global Initiatives
Anti-money Laundering and Regulatory Framework

Bank Risks and Capital Adequacy Planning               
Basel Regulations and Capital Adequacy Requirements
Capital Adequacy Planning Approaches

Basel Regulations and Bank Risk Management               
Basel II and Basel III: An Overview
IRB Framework and Risk-rating System
IRB Approach for Corporate and Retail Exposures
Quantification of IRB Systems
Data Maintenance and Oversight for IRB Systems
Basel Regulations and Operational Risk Management
Operational Risk and Advanced Measurement Approach
Operational Risk Identification, Assessment, and Quantification
Operational Risk Management Framework, Process, and Applications

Basel III and Liquidity Risk Management               
Management and Supervision of Liquidity Risk
Liquidity Risk Measurement, Monitoring, and Application of Standards

Counterparty Credit Risk and Credit Rating               
Derivative Contracts: Futures, Forwards, Swaps, and Options
Measuring Credit Risk of Derivative Contracts
Mitigating Credit Risk
Credit Rating Systems and Capital Reserves

Credit Risk Analysis               
Credit Analysis and Loan Pricing and Regulations
Financial Analysis for Credit Risk Determination
Nonfinancial Credit and Asset Analysis
Problem Loans and Risk Analysis for Common Loans
Risk Analysis for Specialized Loans

Credit Derivative Instruments               
Credit Derivatives and Credit Risk
Classical Credit Derivatives and Total Return Swaps
Securitization and Asset-backed Securities
Credit-linked and Repackaged Notes
Credit Default Swaps and Credit Spread Options
Credit Derivatives Applications
Credit Derivatives: Pricing and Operational Issues
Credit Derivatives: Regulatory, Legal, and Taxation Issues