Google Apps & Google Analytics Training Online

Google Apps & Google Analytics Training Online



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 Course Delivery  Online
 Number of Units  82
 Certificate/Diploma  Yes with Final Score
 Availability  Now Available

This course covers the use of Google Drive as a central hub for Google Apps, and how to use it for synchronizing offline files. It covers using Gmail and Calendar to maximize productivity. It also covers creating and disseminating documents using Docs and Sheets. In addition, this course covers Google+ and how it ties in with Hangouts and the rest of Google Apps, Slides for creating presentations, and Sites for creating form-driven websites.

Google Analytics training introduces digital analysis, the process of creating and implementing measurement plans, and the types of data and metrics recorded using Analytics.  This course demonstrates creating an Analytics account, creating and viewing numerous reports, and visualizing data important to your business. It demonstrates using Tag Manager to update tags in your online assets. The student will also learn how to implement Analytics in their mobile app. This course demonstrates using the Analytics API to obtain analytics data and profile information. Finally, the student will learn how to upgrade the analytics version in use on their site.

This course is designed for
– Novice users and established Information Technology, or IT, professionals who wish to use these Apps to create and work with Office-like files. 
– Any individual wanting to improve the performance of their online commercial activities and for those wanting to prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam.

Course Listing – Google Apps & Google Analytics Training Online

Signing In & Setting Up
Sending & Receiving Emails
Formatting Emails
Organizing Emails
Using the Contact Tools
Using the Calendar Tools
Customizing Gmail

Google Apps Fundamentals
Google Drive
Gmail and Calendar
Docs and Sheets
Slides, Sites, and Google+

Google Docs
Getting Started
Editing Documents
Using Table Tools
Creating Graphics & Diagrams
Shaping & Formatting Documents
Illustrating Documents
Creating, Opening & Saving Documents
Formatting Documents
Sharing & Collaboration Tools

Google Drawings
Creating & Sharing Drawings
Using Drawing Tools
Adding Text to Drawings

Google Drive
Getting Started
Organizing Documents

Google Forms
Creating Forms
Sharing & Completing Forms
Viewing & Analyzing Results

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts for Web: Hangouts in Gmail
Google Hangouts on the Web
Google Hangouts for Android: Hangouts on Android
Google Hangouts on iOS

Google Hangouts Meet
Using Hangouts Meet on the Web
Using Hangouts Meet for iOS

Google Keep
Google Keep on the Web
Google Keep for Android

Google Photos
& Navigation
Uploading & Editing Photos
Creating Albums & Slideshows
Google Photos for Android
Google Photos for iOS

Google Sheets
Getting Started
Formatting Data
Illustrating Documents
Finding, Sorting & Filtering Data
Referencing Data
Pivot Tables
Conditional Formulas
Solving Complex Problems with Formulas
Sharing & Collaboration Tools
Creating, Opening & Saving Documents
Inserting & Manipulating Data
Basic Formulas
Charts & Graphs
Extracting Information with Formulas

Google Sites
Creating Sites Skillsoft Course
Creating Site Content
Integrating & Embedding Web Content in Sites
Sharing & Publishing Sites

Google Slides
Getting Started
Creating & Managing Presentations
Building & Structuring Presentations
Saving & Exporting Presentations
Inserting & Formatting Text
Inserting & Formatting Tables
Preparing & Delivering Slideshows
Sharing & Collaboration
Illustrating Presentations

Google Team Drives
Organizing Documents
Using the Storage Tools

Google AdWords
Setting up Ad Campaigns
Creating Ads & Ad Groups
Using Audience, Placements & Keywords
Analyzing Ads & Campaigns
Managing Accounts & Settings

Google Analytics
Google Analytics Fundamentals and Data Collection
Google Analytics Reports
Google Conversions and Tags
Analytics APIs and Tools

Google Analytics for Web
Creating & Managing Properties
Analyzing Audiences & User Behavior
Using Dashboards & Reports