How Successful People Spend Their Long Weekends

How to spend your long weekend

How Successful People Spend Their Long Weekends

With just a few short weeks left to go before Labor Day weekend, many people are already looking forward to enjoying an extra day off from work, but successful people do more than just wait around for the three-day vacation. Here are some ways that successful people make the most of their long weekends.

They plan ahead

Successful people plan their activities for the long weekend well in advance. By taking the time to plan, not only will they avoid the temptation of working through the weekend, but they’re  also less likely to feel like they wasted the weekend away by doing nothing.

They tie loose ends at work

Before leaving for the long weekend, successful people make sure that they leave things at work in a good place so they can spend their weekend truly relaxing instead of worrying about things they did or didn’t do at the office. Work preparations include finishing up any pressing tasks, tidying up your desk, and creating a plan to tackle your remaining responsibilities when you return from the long weekend.

They unplug from work and technology

Successful people don’t think about work over the weekend, let alone over long weekends. Setting boundaries to not work over the weekend gives you time to recharge so you can return to work refreshed and ready to tackle your to-do list. This helps avoid burnout, which is key to success. Unplugging from technology is part of this as well. Staying glued to your phone or tablet throughout the weekend can also lead to burnout when too many things are fighting for your attention whether it’s friends and family trying to constantly communicate, coworkers emailing about work, or just getting sucked into mindless scrolling through social media.

They spend some time on their passion

Whether it’s a creative hobby or a side project, most successful people have something they are passionate about outside of their job. During the week it may be difficult to find the time to work on or practice these passions so successful people make time for them over the long weekends. Spending time doing something you’re passionate about will not only recharge your batteries, but it will also leave you feeling happier and accomplished.

They spend some time doing nothing

While scheduling activities in advance is important in order not to waste the long weekend, setting aside time to do nothing is equally important. When you have unscheduled time to relax or do whatever feels right, it allows your mind to relax and wander. It’s often in this time with no commitments to worry about that our brains come up with some of our most creative and innovative ideas.

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