Online Career Training Schedule



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The coursework of each of ETI’s online career training programs is measured in terms of clock hours. A clock hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of directed or supervised instruction in a 60-minute period. A licensed instructor is assigned to assist students and monitor their progress. In order to graduate, a student must complete all courses that are part of a program by earning a passing grade for each course. At a minimum, a “C” average is required for program completion.

Our online career training programs offer our students the opportunity to acquire and improve their skills and knowledge at a pace convenient to their current lifestyles and commitments. They offer maximum flexibility, convenient hours, customized learning and are designed for the busy, independent, continuing education student.

Our multi-course programs are all approved by the New York State Education Department and are designed to reflect the needs of our students.

Online Career Training Schedule

Our online career training programs are scheduled to start the first Monday of every month. In the case of a holiday or other emergency, a program will begin the next day the school reopens. Sessions are opened as enrollment dictates.