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Prerequisites: HS Diploma/GED, basic PC Skills, and familiarity with the Internet


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Customer Service – Online Training

The online customer service skills training program is intended to show the proper procedures and processes needed to provide customer service in an effective and efficient manner. This program helps to prepare learners to work in a support center or help desk environment.

Good customer service skills and strong relationships begin with building rapport. Building rapport requires knowing your customer, understanding their situation, and providing an empathetic ear for them to voice their concerns. Building rapport can lead to great relationships between individuals as well as the company they represent.

It costs a business much more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one. So it makes sense that a business must do everything it can to support and satisfy existing customers. Handling complaints effectively and efficiently can result in increased customer loyalty. Today’s customer service representatives and support centers have a vital role to play in ensuring customers’ needs are addressed in an effective, efficient manner.

Occupational Objective: Customer Service Representative

Program: 150 clock hours


Course Listing – Customer Service Skills Training Program


Regularly $4,750

Course Delivery Online
Duration 15-Week Term
$25 Registration Fee Included in Price
Certificate/Diploma Yes with Final Score
Availability Now Available

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Essentials of Customer Service


  • Rapport Building in Customer Service
  • Providing On-site Customer Service
  • Providing Telephone Customer Service
  • Providing Effective Internal Customer Service
  • Facing Confrontation in Customer Service
  • Designing a Customer Service Strategy
  • Aligning Performance to Key Indicators
  • The Angry Caller: What’s Your Plan?


Customer Service Skills


  • Interacting with Customers
  • Communicating Effectively with Customers
  • Controlling Conflict, Stress, and Time in a Customer Service Environment
  • Dealing with Customer Service Incidents and Complaints
  • Polishing Your Skills for Excellent Customer Service
  • Listening to your Customers
  • Creating a Customer-Focus Organization
  • Developing your Customer Focus


Customer Service Representative, Professionalism


  • The Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Support Center Services and Work Environment
  • Team and Customer Relationships


Customer Service Representative, Skills


  • Customer Interactions
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict, Stress, and Time Management


Customer Service Representative, Process


  • Customer Service Processes and Procedures
  • Quality in a Support Center
  • Support Center Tools, Technologies and Metrics
  • Dealing with Irrational Customers and Escalating Complaints


Customer Focus


  • Identifying and Managing Customer Expectations
  • Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organization
  • Customer Focus Interaction


Customer Advocacy


  • Communicating to Build Trusting Customer Relationships
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Supporting Customer Advocacy


Frontline Call Center Skills


  • The Importance of Call Tracking and Ticketing
  • Creating an Effective On-hold Message
  • Aligning Agent Behaviors with Caller Types
  • Determining Proper Expectation-Management Techniques
  • Training Methods for CSRs in the Customer Contact Industry


Inbound Call Center Management


  • Converting a Call Center to a Profit Center
  • Managing Your Call Center More Efficiently
  • Customer Service Training – The Interview and Beyond
  • Disaster Recovery – Keeping the Lines Open
  • Preventing Agent Absenteeism through Better Working Conditions
  • Workforce Management Software – Is it Worth it?
  • Prioritizing Rewards and Recognition in Call Centers


ITIL® 2011 Edition Overview


  • Creating a Service Culture
  • Introduction to the ITIL® Framework
  • Certification and Benefits


ITIL® 2011 Foundation


  • Overview of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle
  • ITIL® Service Strategy Concepts
  • ITIL® Service Strategy Processes
  • ITIL® Service Design Concepts
  • ITIL® Service Design Processes
  • ITIL® Service Transition Concepts and Processes
  • ITIL® Service Operation Concepts
  • ITIL® Service Operation Processes
  • ITIL® Continual Service Improvement


ITIL® 2011 Edition Intermediate Level: Operational Support & Analysis (OSA)


  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Operational Support and Analysis
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Event Management
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Incident Management
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Incident Management Interactions
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Request Fulfillment
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Request Fulfillment Process Interfaces and Challenges
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Problem Management
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Problem Management Process Interfaces and Challenges
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Access Management
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to the Service Desk
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Service Desk Metrics and Outsourcing
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Introduction to Functions
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Function Activities
  • ITIL® 2011 Edition OSA: Technology and Implementation Considerations