Online Leadership Training Program


Online Leadership Training Program  


Regularly $2,130

 Course Delivery  Online
 Number of Courses  14 Courses, 74 Units
 Certificate/Diploma  Yes with Final Score
 Availability  Now Available

Earn a Diploma from a New York State Licensed and US Accredited school

14 Courses/74 Units

Cost: $2,130.00 USD ON SALE NOW!

People are inspired when they trust their leaders and are mobilized by common goals. When you strive for inspirational leadership, you demonstrate credibility and create a community with a shared vision. 

The Online Leadership Training Program is designed for supervisors, managers, directors, team leaders, or professionals who want to increase their understanding of developing the leadership attributes of self-assessment, motivation, messaging, effective communication, and inspiration.

Course Listing  Online Leadership Training Program

Leadership Essentials               
Motivating Employees
Communicating Vision
Building Your Influence as a Leader
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Leading Business Execution
Leading Innovation
Leading Change
Creating Your Own Leadership Development Plan
Simulation – Motivating Employees and Leading Change Simulation
Business Impact Series – Communicating a Shared Vision
Business Impact Series – Leading Teams through Change
Business Impact Series – Leading Outside the Organization
Business Impact Series – Knowing When to Take Leadership Risks
Business Impact Series – Wanted – Innovation Leaders
Business Challenge Series – Developing a Business Execution Culture
Business Challenge Series – Leading Change
Business Challenge Series – Leader as Motivator
Business Challenge Series – Leading Innovation
Business Challenge Series – The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Business Challenge Series – Crafting an Organizational Vision
Business Challenge Series – Motivating Human Behavior

Employee Engagement               
The Benefits and Challenges of Engaging Employees
Maintaining an Engaging Organization

Creating a Positive Work Environment               
Creating and Maintaining a Positive Work Environment

Developing a Culture of Learning               
Fundamentals of Organizational Learning
Establishing the Conditions for a Learning Culture
Developing Learning Practices
Evaluating and Sustaining Organizational Learning

Effective Succession Planning               
Initiating Succession Planning
Effective Succession Planning: Determining a Talent Pool for Key Positions
Implementing and Assessing a Succession Planning Program
Business Impact Series – Succession Planning
Business Challenge Series – Succession Planning and Management Programs

Making Cross-Functional Teams Work               
Cross-functional Team Fundamentals
Key Strategies for Managing Cross-functional Teams
Managing Internal Dynamics in a Cross-functional Team
Business Impact Series – Using Conflict to an Organization’s Advantage
Business Impact Series – Mediating Project Team Conflict
Business Impact Series – Facilitating Work-related Conflict Discussions

Setting and Managing Organizational Priorities               
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Mission and Goals
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Deciphering Priorities
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Motivation
Setting and Managing Priorities within the Organization: Communication
Business Impact Series – Do You Share Your Organization’s Values?

The Voice of Leadership               
Inspirational Leadership
Self-assessment and Motivation
Effective Leadership Communication Strategies
The Power of Leadership Messaging

Leading Organizational Change               
The Keys to Sustainable Change
Planning for Change
Implementing and Sustaining Change
Business Impact Series – Communicating Properly during Layoffs
Business Impact Series – Involving Employees in Corporate Change
Business Impact Series – Communicating Organizational Change
Business Impact Series – Beyond Change: Working with Agility
Business Challenge Series – Developing People
Business Challenge Series – Instituting a Quality Improvement Program

Developing Leadership Skills               
Motivating Your Employees
Communicating Vision to Your Employees
Leading through Positive Influence
Leveraging Emotional Intelligence

Leveraging Leadership Techniques               
Key Elements of Business Execution
Building Innovation Cultures and Leaders
Leading Your Team through Change
Building a Leadership Development Plan
Aligning Unit Goals and Imperatives

Creating a Positive Atmosphere               
Establishing an Engaged Workforce
Establishing a Positive Work Environment
How Organizational Learning Drives Positive Change

Improving Leadership Skills                
Becoming an Inspirational Leader
Assessing Your Own Leadership Performance

Women In Leadership               
Gender and Leadership
Choosing to Lead as a Woman
Career and Family Challenges for Women Leaders