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How do you know what consumers really want? How do you know which consumers to go after and how to get them interested in your products and services? You need to develop an effective marketing strategy. Our online marketing courses are designed to teach how to develop strong relationships with consumers – how to identify the right consumers, anticipate their wants and needs and ultimately create value for them and for your organization.

Realizing the essential function that marketing plays in any company will help you better understand the relationship that companies need to build with their customers, how they do it, and the impact these activities can have on a company’s bottom line.

Our online marketing courses also discuss brand management and the importance of building lasting relationships between a brand and its customers. Effective brand relationship management involves knowing a brand’s customers and being aware of their changing needs and behaviors. It also involves looking for new ways to deepen the attachment between a brand and its customers.

Online Marketing Courses – Course Listing

Strategic Marketing in Action               
Business Impact Series – Advertising Costs, PR Pays
Business Impact Series – Sales and Marketing: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Business Impact Series – Trade Show Marketing – Planning Ahead
Business Challenge Series – Increasing Competitiveness through Collaboration

Marketing Essentials               
Introduction to Marketing
Planning and People
Product and Price
Marketing and Ethics
Business Impact Series – Designing Products to Fit the Channel
Business Impact Series – Using Blogs to Attract Customers
Business Impact Series – Using Web Analytics to Increase Sales
Business Challenge Series – Using Online Strategies to Accelerate Sales Performance

Competitive Marketing Strategies               
Conducting an Internal Analysis
Analyzing Competitors
Selecting and Implementing Strategies

Strategic Brand Management               
Building Lasting Customer-brand Relationships
Developing a Brand Internally
Global Brand Management
Brand Management for Social Media and Wireless Technologies

Digital Marketing               
Getting to the Customer
Search Engine Marketing: Getting Discovered by the Customer
Managing Your Reputation Through Content Marketing and Online PR
Partnerships, Sales, and After-sales Processes

Essential Marketing Strategies               
The Basics of Marketing
The People and Planning
Product, Pricing, and Promotion
Distribution and E-Marketing Ethics
Analyzing Your Organization

Essentials of Public Relations               
Strategies for the Modern Public Relations Professional
Writing Skills for Public Relations