Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy



Standards     Schedule     Placement


All students are required to meet the standards of academic performance that are outlined in the sections below and they are evaluated regularly to determine that the standards are met. These standards have multiple components: a minimum cumulative grade point average requirement (CGPA); a minimum successful completion rate based on all clock hours attempted; and, a maximum time frame requirement to successfully complete all required clock hours for the program.

As described below, each student must achieve the minimum CGPA within the maximum time frame established, achieving the required completion rate of 70% at each evaluation point. Failure to meet these standards may result in dismissal from the academic program and in ineligibility to earn the certificate.


Students who adhere to their assigned class schedules and achieve the minimum passing scores in each of their courses will complete their program of study in the time frame indicated for each program in the school catalog.

For any student who, for any reason, has not remained on track with his or her studies, the maximum time frame (MTF) to successfully complete the program is 1.5 times the normal completion time. The MTF is computed from the very first clock hours in which the student enrolled and originally began his or her studies.  Any student who does not successfully complete the program within the MTF cannot earn a certificate.

The MTF for transfer students will be adjusted individually according to the total number of clock hours they successfully transferred into the program.  The total number of hours the transfer student needs to complete the ETI program will be multiplied by 1.5 to determine that student’s MTF.


  1. For purposes of SAP, each online program is divided into segments of two courses each.  Students are evaluated for SAP after the completion of each segment of the program.
  2. If a student fails a course before a segment ends, the student is immediately placed on academic probation.

A. The student will remain on academic probation until:

(1) The student retakes the failed course when it is next offered and passes it on the next attempt; or,

(2) The student retakes the failed course and fails it again; or,

(3) The student takes another course (before retaking the first course) and fails it.

B. If the student takes the course a second time and passes it, the student is removed from academic probation.

C. If the student fails the course for a second time, the student is academically dismissed from the school.

D. If the student takes another course (before retaking the first course) and fails it, the student is academically dismissed.

3.  At the end of a segment, any student whose cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is below 2.0 or whose successful completion rate is less than 70% of all clock hours attempted will be placed on academic probation.

A. The student will have one segment to raise his or her CGPA to 2.0 or higher and/or their completion rate to 70% or better.

B. Any student who fails to earn the minimum CGPA or the required completion rate by the end of the probationary segment will be academically dismissed from the institution.

All other components of the satisfactory academic progress policy remain the same as for the regular programs (over 300-hour). These components can be found in the school catalog.  They are: Appeals, Academic Dismissal, Grading System, Changing Program, and Seeking to Earn an Additional Credential.