Team Building Courses Online

Team Building Courses Online

team building courses online  


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A truly effective team is equal to more than the sum of its parts. And it takes the dedication of every member of the group. Our team building courses teach effective members go beyond themselves and their personal desires and goals. If you want to be an effective member, your challenge is to put your squad first, which means maximizing your contributions to help the group accomplish its purpose.

Leading successful teams is an art, and leaders can face many challenges when trying to optimize performance. Whether you’re a current squad leader or simply someone who would like to develop the skills that would make you a strong candidate, you need to know certain things about how teams function and what it takes to develop a high-performance squad. Among the most important things to know: good development begins on day one. Forming an effective and cohesive group is fundamental to the success of all members later on, and pulling the right team together from the start has benefits far beyond just completing tasks on time.


Optimizing Your Performance On a Team               
Being an Effective Squad Member
Establishing Goals and Responsibilities
Elements of a Cohesive Group
Effective Communication
Using Feedback to Improve Performance
Business Challenge Series – Power and Politics in Matrixed Teams

Leading Teams               
Launching a Successful Team
Establishing Goals, Roles, and Guidelines
Developing the Group and its Culture
Building Trust and Commitment
Fostering Effective Communication and Collaboration
Motivating and Optimizing Performance
Dealing with Conflict
Managing Virtual Teams
Business Impact Series:
– Building Trust Incrementally
– Inspiring Your Team
– Support Your Leader
– Managing Communications in a Virtual Team
– Developing Self-sufficiency
– Choosing the Right Culture
– Building and Leading
– Meeting Performance Challenges

Leveraging Team Leadership Skills               
Building the Foundation for an Effective Group
Developing a Successful Team
Encouraging Communication and Collaboration
Handling Conflict
Leading a Cross-functional Squad

Optimizing Performance on a Team               
Being an Effective Squad Member
Strategies for Building a Cohesive Group
Effective Communication
Establishing Goals and Responsibilities, and Using Feedback Effectively