Web Design Courses Online

Web Design Courses Online

Web Design Courses Online


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 Number of Courses  44 Courses, 146 Units
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Our web design courses include topics in scripting, languages, development, application frameworks and content management systems. Web design involves achieving a design that is both usable and pleasing. The site must deliver information and build brand. It has to be technically sound and visually coherent.

With the rise of hand-held devices and mobile browsing, web applications have needed to become responsive to the accessing device. Web design is strongly influenced by consumers who are increasingly using devices other than traditional computers to stay connected through social media, read news, receive e-mail, and make purchasing decisions.

This web design course is designed for in-training or established professionals in organizations and individuals needing to learn the principles of site design and development. The audience may include webmasters, marketing and communications professionals, graphic designers, desktop designers, professionals and developers who want to create dynamic sites.

Students are expected to have basic computing and word-processing skills, and familiarity with some web and design terminology.

Web Design Courses Online

Designing and Hosting a Web Site
Web Development Fundamentals
Internet Site Development
Web 2.0 Fundamentals

Web Design
Responsive Design
Design Essentials
Using Balsamiq
Using Justinmind

Scripting and Web Languages               
DHTML Basics
JavaScript Fundamentals
JavaScript – JsRender
JavaScript Single Page Apps
Building Apps with jQuery Mobile
Developing with Kendo UI
JavaScript – Ember.js
JavaScript – Knockout
CSS3, Sass and Less
JavaScript Essentials
TypeScript Essentials
Angular JS
JavaScript Sencha
Introduction to Bootstrap
JavaScript: Backbone.js
Building Applications with Node.js
Application Development with Node.js and the .NET Framework
Advanced AngularJS
Automating Tasks with Grunt
AngularJS and ASP.NET 5 MVC 6
AngularJS Fundamentals
Building Apps with MEAN Stack
Automating Development Tasks with Gulp.js
Express 4.x Fundamentals
Using the LoopBack Node.js Framework

Web Development
Advanced XML
Working with HTML5 and CSS3
XML Essentials
JSON Fundamentals

Web Services

Web Application Frameworks
Creating Applications with Sinatra
Building Dynamic Sites with LAMP Stack
PHP Applications with the Zend Framework

Content Management Systems
Drupal 8