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Our Story

Founded nearly two decades ago, ETI is a private career school that’s licensed by New York State’s Education Department. We continuously appraise the skills needs of companies, as well as the career goals and work preferences of everyone from working professionals to veterans and stay at home parents re-entering the workforce. This allows us to design effective online courses that are aligned with the demands of the business world while still allowing for a good work-life balance. Because our technology is similar to current business platforms and our instructors all have real-life experience, we’re able to offer the best in technology and instruction to ensure our graduates possess the skills they need to thrive in the corporate world.

Individual instructors are available to help you through the coursework
We offer 24/7 technical support for any issues
Mentors are available via our Mentored Chat Room or Email My Mentor
Our admins will answer any questions about the certifications

Featured Self-Paced Online Programs

Why let the skills shortage compromise your ability to achieve your objectives? Valued by employers and employees alike, our featured self-paced online career training programs give students the skills they need to fill in-demand and hard-to-fill roles.

Featured Instructor-Led Online Programs

At ETI, your career advancement is just an online course away! From IT to project management to digital design, ETI is proud to deliver the specific types of online career training and certifications that today’s aspirational professionals need to get ahead… and stay ahead.

Popular Language Courses

With more than 80 foreign language courses and 27 English courses, ETI provides proven language acquisition for all your communication needs!

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • …and more

English as a Second Language

Our English Essentials course is available for speakers of 27 languages. To learn about our program tailored to your native language, click one of the links below!

  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Vietnamese
  • …and more


Accredited by ACICS

Licensed by the NY State
Education Department

Better Business Bureau:
Accredited Business

Serving our Veterans & Military Families

ETI is proud to provide veterans and military families with the programs and certifications they need to be employable in the fast-paced world of business and technology. Whether you’re a veteran ready to reenter the civilian workforce or a military spouse* looking to up-skill before applying for an online job, ETI has a certified career counselor standing by—fully trained and ready to help you expand your employment opportunities!

*Military spouses are encouraged to apply for a My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) scholarship.

Pledge to Help You Succeed!

Our pledge to help you succeed is at the core of ETI’s mission. From our programs designed to help you acquire the professional skills you need to be a strategic asset to your employer to our fully trained staff devoted to facilitating your learning process, ETI is a responsive, student-centered institution. When you choose ETI, you make the choice to work with faculty who truly care about maximizing your intellectual and professional potential.

ETI is dedicated to serving students of diverse cultures and ethnicities. We aim to provide all our students with a positive learning experience so that upon completion of their coursework, they can add value and knowledge to the professional world they choose to enter.